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Do you want to manifest more creativity in your life? Do you want to write a One Person Musical? Do you want to become a Songwriter and need help completing your songs? Do you want to go to Music School and need to create an audition tape?

2016 is the year to move from thinking about your life projects to turning them into reality!

I have created many custom programs to foster your creativity and dreams..


One on One Coaching with Linda:


Your Life Monologue/ Your Life Musical

Do you want to write a Your Life Monologue?  Join the group of Powerful Storytellers.  Sharing your personal story is sacred and transforming! Your life will never be the same!  Maybe you're a Songwriter and want to write Your Life Musical - like I did.  Do you have a body of work that can be expanded into a whole larger story.  Do you want to take your audience on an even deeper journey of storytelling than a 3 minute song?  Do you want to expand your spontaneous chatter between songs into meaningful monologues?  It has been the most rewarding and creative journey I've ever been on!


Music School Launch

As a unique related coaching program, I am offering Music School Launch, a special service for high school students applying to Music School for Singer/Songwriting programs. I develop songs to a high quality finished product, polish the performance and produce a demo CD that can be use in the application process. My last student got into Berklee School of Music. 

Songwriter Launch

Are you just beginning your journey as a Singer/Songwriter?  Do you want to develop a live repertoire and record a set of original songs?  My one on one coaching program "Songwriter Launch" takes you through the process of writing and recording your original songs.


Custom Projects

One on one coaching for various creative custom projects is also available. This is a project based coaching with a completion deadline. I will keep you accountable to your dream.

Call me today for a free consultation to discuss your project and creative dreams!


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